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What is Carnawash?
We wash cars, wherever you are!

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Stop wasting your time taking your car at the carwash. We come to you! At home, work, your office, wherever you are, whenever you need it. We understand how busy life is for our customers so the convenience of being able to book a car wash to come to you rather then you waiting in ‘car wash cafes’ for hours is proving to be overwhelming popular.

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If your like so many of disgruntled people that are not happy with the prices being charged by traditional carwashes, then you’ll be delighted with our pricing model. We are disrupting the overpriced car wash market by offering on-demand, anywhere, anytime car washing service that delivers a quality finish. Once you use us once you wont ever go to a traditional car wash again. Check out our Google reviews from customers to back this up.

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Our workers are trained, insured, and rated by our customers after each wash to ensure we continue to deliver the highest quality car washes to our customers. Our products are designed to offer your car total protection from the sun as they contain the highest-grade of Carnauba Wax with a scratch-free method applied to each wash.

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Our carwash services are waterless using biodegradable products. A traditional car wash can use over 150 liters of water to wash one vehicle. We only need 250 ml of water to get your car looking shiny and as good as new. We don’t need a tap obviously or power we simply need the location of your car and for you to open it when we arrive.

Step into the future of car washing.

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Download our app and book your car now, you’ll be extremely happy that you did.

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How it works


Download our Carnawash app, and choose the car wash you want.


Select the date, time, and location.


Your booking will be confirmed, and your car will be washed, so simple!

Carnawash app

Carnawash allows you to view and track the status of all your bookings along with the type of car, service, location, estimated price. You can also view the booking history and get all the details of the bookings made for the next wash.

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Easier, faster, and convenient.

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Gold Coast, Australia

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What's in it for you?

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Earn great money.

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Work the hours you want to work.

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Be your own boss.

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No skills required.

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Insurance cover.

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Technology & Safe.

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Use our technology in your favor. We connect you with a potential demand and you shine away, as well as insured.

We provide training and tools are available to facilitate all your services.